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The Nudist Family that chooses the Family Nudist life style is not alone. Family Naturists today number many thousands around the world. As society puts aside its taboos, nudists are free to enjoy the naturist life style without prejudice. Naturist resorts and nudist beaches have experienced a sharp rise in popularity as have clothing-optional resorts in many traditional tourism destinations. The Naturism life style provides a welcome break from the stress associated with daily life and offers its followers a clear and free way to feel at one with nature; nudism in family circles has truly come of age.

The rise in popularity of Family Nudism shows that the Naturist life style is no longer an exclusive domain of adult singles and couples. Family Naturist resorts now offer Naturists far more than the traditional camping site back drop. Many Naturism resorts now provide guest house style accommodation or even villas and apartments for naturist holiday lets. The standard of facilities at Naturist venues is at an all time high as resorts compete for this popular niche market of global travel; something that can be seen in many free family naturist videos. Eastern European resorts have perhaps experienced the largest growth with Czech Naturists and Russian Family Naturists leading the numbers of the Family Nudist.
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Naturism Life promotes social acceptance and awareness of the human body; sex and nudity are not the same thing. As such, Family Naturism and Adolescent Nudism in family groups is on the rise and families are welcomed at Naturist resorts around the world.

As well as Naturist tourism, there are today many other social nudity activities for the Naturist to enjoy. Nudists gather to partake in many and varied nudist group events that even include extreme sports such as nude base jumping! Less adventurous Naturists can content them selves by joining Naturist groups and societies for just about any form of recreation; social network websites for Family Naturists have made it easy for the Naturist family to meet other like-minded people to share the Naturism Life.

Becoming a Naturist is as easy as finding a Nudist space and taking of your clothes! However, this in itself can be a daunting prospect for even the most body confident individual. Perhaps the best way to decide whether or not the Naturism Life is for you is to watch a nudism documentary or simply go to a nudist beach and see how you feel. Alternatively try contacting a local Naturism Club or Society and talk to them about any reservations you may have. If you still feel uncomfortable you can always leave and try again another time; there are many Naturists out there today who had the same initial reservations but who now enjoy what is, without doubt, the most natural life style on the planet: Naturism Life.
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